Professional Experience

2002-2012. Host, “Media Matters,” WILL-AM radio, Urbana, Illinois. Host of weekly hour-long interview program on Sundays from 1-2PM. Embedded links for most episodes; otherwise, or if you have a print version of this CV, go to:

Program Guests:


7 April: John Nichols, Washington correspondent, The Nation magazine
14 April: Greg Palast, journalist, author, The Best Government Money Can Buy
21 April: Janine Jackson, Program Director, Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting
28 April: Mark Crispin Miller, author, The Bush Dyslexicon, and media critic
5 May: Naomi Klein, journalist and author, No Logo
12 May: Trudy Lieberman, journalist and author, and Norman Solomon, syndicated columnist, author
19 May: Jim Hightower, author and activist
26 May: Kristina Borjesson, journalist and author & Gary Webb, investigative journalist
2 June: Yuezhi Zhao, expert on China media and telecommunications and Dan Schiller, UI professor
9 June: Sascha Meinrath & Danielle Chynoweth, Urbana Independent Media Center
16 June: John Stauber, co-author, Tru st Us, We’re Experts
23 June: Larry Williams, Phil Strang & Holy Rushakoff on the local music scene
30 June: Bruce Williams & Michael Delli Carpini, authors, And the Wall Came Tumbling Down
7 July: Frank Emspak, labor radio activist and John Nichols, national correspondent, The Nation
14 July: Sut Jhally, Director, Media Education Foundation
21 July: Carrie McLaren, editor, Stay Free & Gary Ruskin, director, Commercial Alert
28 July: Walt Harrington & Leon Dash, University of Illinois journalism professors
4 August: Ed Herman, media critic
11 August: Craig Aaron, managing editor, In These Times
18 August: Lawrence Lessig, author of The Future of Ideas
25 August: Nancy Snow, author, Propaganda, Inc.
1 September: Barbara Ehrenreich, author, Nickeled and Dimed
8 September: Susan Douglas, University of Michigan professor, media critic
15 September: Jeff Chester, Director of the Center for Digital Democracy
22 September: Aliza Dichter & Danny Schechter, managers,
29 September: Francis Boyle, Univ. of Illinois law professor, expert on international law and military invasions
6 October: Dan Schiller, author, Digital Capitalism
13 October: John Nichols, Washington editor, The Nation
20 October: Norman Solomon, syndicated columnist, author
27 October: Carl Estabrook, congressional candidate
3 November: Willis Regier & Joan Catapano, University of Illinois Press
10 November: Tom Frank, author, One Market Under God
17 November: Shelby Scott, former head of AFTRA, & Linda Foley, head of the Newspaper Guild
24 November: Stephen Hill, Center for Voting Rights & Dan Johnson-Weinberger
1 December: James Twitchell & Dan Cook, experts on advertising and society
8 December: Stephen Zunes, author, U.S. Middle East Policy and the Roots of Terrorism
15 December: Robert Jensen, dissident journalist
22 December: Jean Kilbourne, expert on advertising
29 December: David Lindorff, journalist, expert on civil liberties


5 January: David Barsamian, radio producer and author
12 January: Mike Knezovich, Jenny Southlynn and Carl Eastbrook, editors and writers for CU City View 19 January: Dan Schiller, author, Digital Capitalism
26 January: Laura Flanders, syndicated columnist and radio show host
2 February: Marc Cooper, contributing editor, The Nation
9 February: Jean Kilbourne, expert on advertising
16 February: Norman Solomon, syndicated columnist, author
23 February: Michael J. Copps, member, Federal Communications Commission
2 March: Eric Alterman, author, What Liberal Media?
9 March: Mark Weisbrot, economist & journalist
16 March: Mike Farrell, actor & Robert Greenwald, Hollywood producer & director
6 April: John Nichols, Washington correspondent, The Nation
13 April: Roger Ebert, film critic, Chicago Sun-Times
20 April: Ruth Conniff, editor, The Progressive
27 April: Reese Ehrlich, foreign correspondent
4 May: Matt Rothschild, editor, The Progressive
11 May: Danny Schechter, author and editor, MediaChannel
18 May: Dean Baker, economist, media expert
25 May: Jenny Toomey, executive director, Future of Music Coalition
1 June: Christian Sandvig, UI professor, expert on Internet policy
8 June: Danielle Chynoweth & Sascha Meinrath, co-founders, Urbana-Champaign Indy Media Center
15 June: Rahul Mahajan, expert and author on U.S. foreign policy.
22 June: Michael Albert, Editor, Znet.
29 June: Amy Goodman, executive producer and host, Democracy Now! radio program
6 July: James Weinstein, founder of In These Times, author of The Long Detour
13 July: Saul Landau, radio commentator, expert on Latin America
20 July: Sundiata Cha-Jua & David Roediger, UI professors
27 July: Kalle Lasn, founder and editor, Adbusters!
3 August: John Stauber & Sheldon Rampton, co-authors, Weapons of Mass Deception
10 August: Pete Tridish, founder, Prometheus Media Project, LPFM activist
17 August: Cary Nelson, UI professor of English.
24 August: Art McGee, media activist, expert on media and racism
31 August: Francis Boyle, UIUC professor of Law, expert on international law
7 September: David Sirota, political columnist, media critic
14 September: Danny Schechter, journalist & author
21 September: Jim Bouton, author, Foul Ball
28 September: John Wilson, Bloomington-Normal media activist
5 October: Noam Chomsky
12 October: Peter Hart, author, The Oh Really Factor
19 October: John Nichols, national correspondent, The Nation
26 October: Alexander Cockburn, editor, CounterPunch
2 November: Joe Conason, author, Big Lies
9 November: Michael Copps, FCC Commissioner
16 November: Amy Goodman, host, Democracy Now
23 November: Katrina vanden Heuval, editor, The Nation
30 November: Dan Schiller, UI professor, expert in telecommunication & media history
7 December: Bernie Sanders, U.S. Representative, Vermont
21 December: David Corn, author, The Lies of George W. Bush
28 December: Katrina Vanden Heuval, editor, The Nation


4 January:Douglas Rushkoff, author & Media critic
11 January: Christopher Martin & Frank Emspak, experts, labor and the media
18 January: Kimberlie Kranich & William Patterson, on local radio and African-American community
25 January: Paul Krugman, New York Times columnist
1 February: Robert Pollin, economist, author, Contours of Descent
8 February: Linda Foley, president, Newspaper Guild
15 February: Al Franken, comedian, political commentator
22 February: Ben Scott, Congressional aide, media reform activist
29 February: Molly Ivins, syndicated columnist
7 March: Charles Lewis, Executive Director, Center for Public Integrity
14 March: John Nichols, political columnist
21 March: Richard Maxwell, author, Herbert Schiller
28 March: Laura Flanders, author, Bushwomen
4 April: Susan Douglas, author, The Mommy Myth, and media critic
11 April: Amy Goodman, author, Exception to the Rulers
18 April: John Nichols, political columnist
25 April: Paul Starr, author, The Creation of the Media
2 May: Robert Jensen, author, Citizens of the Empire
9 May: Jeff Cohen, founder, FAIR
16 May: Janeane Garofolo, actress and political commentator
23 May: Arianna Huffington, author and columnist
30 May: David Brock, director, Media Matters; author, The Republican Noise Machine
6 June: Thomas Frank, author, Wh a t’s th e Ma tter with Ka n sa s? 
13 June: John Stauber, co-author, Banana Republicans
20 June: David Barsamian, director, Alternative Radio, author, Louder Than Bombs
27 June: Katrina vanden Heuval, editor, The Nation
4 July: Chalmers Johnson, author, The Sorrows of Empire
11 July: Sut Jhally, executive director, Media Education Foundation
18 July: Mark Crispin Miller, author, Cruel and Unusual
25 July: Dr. Susan Linn, author, Consuming Kids
1 August: John Nichols, author, Dick: The Man Who Is President
8 August: Robert Greenwald, producer and director, Outfoxed
15 August: Sascha Meinrath, wireless activist
22 August: Laura Flanders, author, Th e W Effect: Bu sh ’s Wa r on Wo men 
29 August: Alexander Cockburn, editor, CounterPunch
5 September: Chellie Pingree, President, Common Cause
12 September: David Domke, author of God Willing?
19 September: David Wallis, author of Killed: Great Journalism Too Hot to Print
26 September: Michael delli Carpini & Bruce Williams, authors, And the Walls Came Tumbling Down
3 October: Greg Palast, author, The Best Democracy Money Can But
10 October: Lawrence Lessig, author, Free Culture
17 October: John Nichols, author, Dick: The Man Who is President
24 October: Lance Bennett, media scholar and author
31 October: Robert Parry, investigative journalist
7 November: Norman Solomon, syndicated columnist
14 November: Tariq Ali, author & political activist
21 November: Janine Jackson, Program Director, FAIR
28 November: Stephen Hartnett, UofI communication professor
5 December: Thomas Frank, author, Wh a t’s th e Ma tter with Kansas?
12 December: Paul Krugman, columnist, New York Times
19 December: Sherrod Brown, member, U.S. House of Representatives (Dem., Ohio)
26 December: Jeff Chester, executive director, Center for Digital Democracy


2 January: David Brock, president, Media Matters for America
9 January: Juliet B. Schor, author, Born to Buy
16 January: Medea Benjamin, founder, Code Pink
23 January: Howard Zinn, historian
30 January: Richard Falk, author
6 February: John Nichols, author & columnist
13 February: Katrina vanden Heuval, editor, The Nation
20 February:Mike Lehman, Sandra Ahten & Paul Riismandel, Champaign-Urbana independent media activists
27 February:Danny Schechter, film maker, journalist
6 March:Jennifer Washburn, author, University, Inc.
13 March:Bernie Sanders, U.S. Representative from Vermont
20 March:P. Sainaith, Indian human rights journalist
27 March:Linda Foley, president, The Newspaper Guild
3 April:Ben Scott, policy director, Free Press
10 April:Phil Donahue, talk show host
17 April:Roberta Baskin, executive director, Center for Public Integrity
24 April:Naomi Klein, author & journalist
1 May:John Nichols, author and political columnist
8 May:Seymour Hersh, legendary investigative reporter
15 May:Victor Navasky, longtime editor, The Nation
22 May:Robert Jensen, professor and media critic
29 May:Gore Vidal
5 June:Tim Robbins, actor, filmmaker
12 June:Greg Palast, investigative reporter
19 June:Bernie Sanders, Linda Foley
26 June:Phil Donahue, Naomi Klein & Seymour Hersh
3 July:Norman Solomon, author, War Made Easy
10 July:Tracy Van Slyke & Jessica Clark, In These Times
17 July:Danny Schechter, the News Dissector
24 July:David Roediger, University of Illinois history professor
31 July:Len Hill, John Nichols & Orville Schell
7 August:Dave Zirin, author, Wh a t’s My Name, Fo ol?
14 August:Peter Hart, Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting
21 August:Mike Lehman, Daniel Chynoweth & Lynsee Melchi of the Urbana Independent Media Center.
28 August:Norman G. Finkelstein, author, Beyond Chutzpah
4 September:Aaron Glynn, author, How America Lost Iraq
11 September:David Brancaccio, host, PBS program “NOW”
18 September:Jeff Cohen, founder, FAIR
25 September:Barbara Ehrenreich, author, Bait & Switch
2 October:Robert Jensen, author, The Heart of Whiteness
9 October:Larry Beinhart, author, Fog Facts
16 October:John Nichols, co-author, Tragedy & Farce
23 October:Peter Phillips, executive director, Project Censored
30 October:Andrew J. Bacevich, author, The New American Militarism
6 November:David Barsamian, Alternative Radio
13 November:Robert Greenwald, filmmaker, Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price
20 November:Mark Crispin Miller, author, Fooled Again
27 November:Dan Schiller, expert, global information and telecommunications
4 December:Kristina Borjesson, editor, Feet to the Fire
11 December:Sam Husseini, Institute for Public Accuracy
18 December:Danny Schechter, the news dissector


8 January:Kembrew McLeod, professor & copyright expert.
15 January:Ben Scott, Free Press, & Mark Cooper, Consumer Federation of America
22 January:David Sirota, executive director, PLAN
29 January:Salim Muwakkil, Chicago-based journalist
5 February:Mark Weisbrot, economist, expert on Latin America
12 February:John Nichols, The Nation
19 February:Pete TriDish, Prometheus Radio Project & Erin McCarley, Free Speech TV
26 February:Noam Chomsky
5 March:Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!
12 March:Michael Bracey, Future of Music Coalition
19 March:Sundiata Cha-Jua, UI professor of Afro-American Studies
26 March:Sascha Meinrath, CUWiN & Harold Feld, Media Access Project
2 April:Matt Rothschild, editor, The Progressive
9 April:Markos Moulitsas Zuniga,
16 April:Lawrence Lessig, constitutional law and Internet expert
23 April:Howard Zinn
30 April:Janine Jackson, FAIR
7 May:Tim Karr, Free Press & Adam Green,
14 May:Linda Foley, Newspaper Guild
21 May:Amy Goodman, Phil Donohue & Jeff Cohen
28 May:Steven Hill, author, Ten Steps to Repair American Democracy
4 June:Laura Flanders, host, Radio Nation with Laura Flanders
11 June:Stephen Kinzer, author, Overthrow
18 June:Stephen Hartnett & Laura Stengrim, authors, Globalization and Empire
25 June:Eric Boehlert, author, Lapdogs: How the Press Rolled Over for Bush
2 July:Anthony Arnove, author, Iraq: The Logic of Withdrawal
9 July:Robert Jensen, journalism professor
16 July:Greg Palast, author, Armed Madhouse
23 July:Alexander Cockburn, co-editor, CounterPunch
30 July:Morris Berman, author, Dark Ages America
6 August:Joel Bleifuss, editor, In These Times
13 August:Norman Solomon, journalist, author, War Made Easy
20 August:John Bellamy Foster, editor, Monthly Review
27 August:Josh Silver, executive director, Free Press
3 September:Inger L. Stole, author, Advertising on Trial
10 September:Robert Greenwald, director, Iraq for Sale
17 September:Bernie Sanders, U.S. Representative (Vermont)
24 September:Derek Turner, Free Press, Marvin Ammori, Georgetown University Law School
1 October:Jeff Cohen, author, Cable News Confidential
8 October:John Nichols, author, The Genius of Impeachment
15 October:FCC member Jonathan Adelstein
22 October:John Nichols & Amy Goodman
29 October:Diane Farsetta & Paul Porter, experts on payola
5 November:John Stauber, co-author, The Best War Ever
12 November:Janine Jackson & Steve Rendall, Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting
19 November:Katrina vanden Heuval, editor, The Nation
26 November:Peter Phillips, Director & Andy Roth, Asso. Director, Project Censored
3 December:Noam Chomsky
10 December:Mark Weisbrot, co-director, Center for Economic and Policy Research
17 December:Howard Zinn
24 December:Elizabeth Fones-Wolf, author, Waves of Opposition
31 December:Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!


7 January:Judy Daubenmier, editor, Project Rewire
14 January:Dan Schiller, author, How to Think About Information
21 January:Jules Boykoff, expert on political communication
28 January:Peter DiCola & Jenny Toomey, Future of Music Coalition
4 February:Jeff Chester, author, Digital Destiny
11 February:Eric Klinenberg, author, Fighting for Air
18 February:Mark Lloyd, author, Prologue to a Farce
25 February:Robert Jensen, journalism professor
4 March:Robert Fisk, Mideast correspondent, The Independent
11 March:Chalmers Johnson, author, Nemesis
18 March:Andre Schriffin, author, A Political Education
24 March:Danny Schechter, the News Dissector
1 April:John Nichols, journalist, The Nation
8 April:Michael Albert, author, Remembering Tomorrow
15 April:Benjamin Barber, author, Consumed
22 April:Laura Flanders, author, Blue Grit
29 April:DaveyD, journalist and community activist
6 May:Greg Palast, author, Armed Madhouse
13 May:Mike Farrell, author, Just Call Me Mike
20 May:Sundiata Cha-Jua, professor, African-American Studies, University of Illinois
27 May:Ben Scott, policy director, Free Press
3 June:Barbara Ehrenreich, author
10 June:John Pilger, journalist & filmmaker
17 June:Connie Schultz, author, …An d His Lo vely Wife
24 June:Dave Zirin, sportswriter
1 July:Derek Turner and Joe Torres, Free Press
8 July:Matthew Rothschild, author, You Have No Rights
15 July:Norman Solomon and Loretta Alper, filmmakers, War Made Easy
22 July:Noam Chomsky
29 July:David Cobb, Liberty Tree
5 August:Danny Schechter, the “News Dissector”
12 August:Dean Baker, author, America Since 1980
19 August:John Stauber, Center for Media and Democracy
26 August:Geneva Overholser, journalism professor
2 September:Henry Giroux, author, The University in Chains, & John Wilson, academic freedom activist
9 September:Michael Copps, FCC Commissioner
16 September:Mark Crispin Miller, author, Fooled Again
23 September:David Barsamian, Alternative Radio
30 September:Norman Stockwell, community radio advocate
7 October:Matt Stoller & Chris Bowers,
14 October:John Nichols, Amy Goodman, Bill Moyers, Noam Chomsky, Norman Solomon
21 October:Bill Fletcher, Jr., activist and author
28 October:Katrina vanden Heuval, editor, The Nation
4 November:Rob Richie, executive director, FairVote
11 November:Tariq Ali, author, Pirates of the Caribbean: Axis of Hope
18 November:Naomi Klein, author, The Shock Doctrine
25 November:Lance Bennett, co-author, When the Press Fails
2 December:Robert Kuttner, author, The Squandering of America
9 December:Christopher Finan, author, From the Palmer Raids to the Patriot Act
16 December:Paul Krugman, author, The Conscience of a Liberal
23 December:Francis Boyle, Univ. of Illinois law professor
30 December:John Nichols, The Nation

6 JanuarySut Jhally, Media Education Foundation
13 January:Hadani Ditmars, Canadian journalist
20 January:Kathryn Montgomery, author, Generation Digital
27 January:David Sirota, syndicated columnist
3 February:Stephen Kinzer, former New York Times foreign correspondent
10 February:Juan Gonzalez, journalist, co-host, Democracy Now
17 February:Naomi Wolf, author, The End of America
24 February:Glen Ford, journalist
2 March:Alex Gibney, director, Taxi to the Dark Side
9 March:Greg Mitchell, editor, Editor & Publisher
16 March:Mark Weisbrot, economist
23 March:Jonathan Adelstein, member, Federal Communications Commission
30 March:Ishmael Reed, author and essayist
6 April:John Nichols, Noam Chomsky, Amy Goodman, Norman Solomon, Ben Scott
13 April:Joseph Stiglitz, co-author, The Three Trillion Dollar War
20 April:Norman Solomon, author, Made Love, Got War
27 April:Patrick Cockburn, Iraq war correspondent
4 May:Janine Jackson, FAIR
11 May:Paul Waldman, co-author, Free Ride
18 May:Janice Peck, author, The Age of Oprah
25 May:Arianna Huffington, author, Right is Wrong
1 June:Jim Hightower
8 June:Noam Chomsky
15 June:Jeremy Scahill, author, Blackwater
22 June:Susan Jacoby, author, The Age of American Unreason
29 June:David Sirota, author, The Uprising
6 July:Amy Goodman, Democracy Now
13 July:Tom Hayden
20 July:Michael Perelman, economist
27 July:Bernie Sanders, U.S. Senator (Ind., Vermont)
3 August:Jennifer Pozner, Women in Media and News
10 August:Thomas Frank, author and columnist
17 August:Dave Zirin, sportswriter
24 August:Gigi Durham, author
31 August:Alexander Cockburn, CounterPunch
7 September:Mark Crispin Miller, clean elections author & activist
14 September:Matthew Rothschild, editor, The Progressive
21 September:David Sirota, author, The Uprising
28 September:Thomas Ferguson & Rob Johnson, experts on financial crisis
5 October:Mark Weisbrot, economist
12 October:Robert Kuttner, author, Ob a ma’s Ch allen g e
19 October:John Nichols, Janine Jackson, Noam Chomsky, Ben Scott, Jeremy Scahill, Norman Solomon
26 October:Howard Zinn
2 November:David Sirota, journalist
9 November:Aaron Glantz, journalist and author
16 November:Judith Siers-Poisson and Diane Farsetta, PR Watch
23 November:John Nichols, The Nation
7 December:Sherrod Brown, U.S. Senator (Ohio)
14 December:Toby Miller, author, Makeover Nation
21 December:Juliet Schor, author, Born to Buy
28 December:Andrew Bacevich, author, The Limits of Power


4 January:Deepa Kumar, labor scholar, & David Newby, head, Wisconsin AFL-CIO
11 January:Norman Solomon and Jeff Cohen, media critics
18 January:Ben Scott and Derek Turner, Free Press
25 January:James Galbraith, author, The Predator State
1 February:Susan Douglas, media critic & scholar
8 February:Dean Baker, author, Plunder and Blunder
15 February:Matthew Rothschild, editor, The Progressive
22 February:Matt Taibbi, reporter, Rolling Stone
1 March:Juan Cole, professor and middle east expert
8 March:Greg Mitchell, editor, Editor & Publisher
15 March:Robert Greenwald, Brave New Films
22 March:Craig Aaron, Senior Program Director, Free Press
29 March:Glenn Greenwald, journalist
5 April:Katrina vanden Heuval, editor, The Nation
12 April:Amy Goodman, host, Democracy Now!
19 April:Bernie Sanders, Janine Jackson, Jeff Cohen, Amy Goodman, Bob Jensen
26 April:Kevin Phillips, author, Bad Money
3 May:Danny Schechter, filmmaker, journalist and author
10 May:David Barsamian, Alternative Radio
17 May:Chris Hedges, author, American Fascists
24 May:Rob Weissman, editor, Multinational Monitor
31 May:Noam Chomsky
7 June:Ralph Nader
14 June:David Niewert, author, The Eliminationists
21 June:Naomi Klein, author, The Shock Doctrine
28 June:Susan Linn, author, The Case for Make Believe
5 July:John K. Wilson, expert on Obama
12 July:Mark Weisbrot, economist
19 July:Thomas Frank, Wall Street Journal columnist
26 July:U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky (Dem.-Illinois)
2 August:Janine Jackson, FAIR
9 August:Christian Parenti, journalist
16 August:Lawrence Lessig, author & constitutional law expert
23 August:Glenn Greenwald, author & blogger
30 August:Chris Hedges, author, The Empire of Illusion
6 September:Wendell Potter, Center for Media and Democracy
13 September:Chris Mooney, co-author, Unscientific America
20 September:Eric Boehlert, author, Bloggers on the Bus
27 September:Gore Vidal
4 October:Josh Silver, executive director, Free Press
11 October:Michael Moore, documentary filmmaker; Sue Wilson, filmmaker
18 October:John Nichols, Norman Solomon, Noam Chomsky, Ben Scott
25 October:Michael Albert & Bill Fletcher, Jr., left organizers
1 November:Robert Greenwald, filmmaker
8 November:Mark Contreras, newspaper executive; Newspaper Association of America


3 January:       John Cassidy, author, How Markets Fail
10 January:      Tom Englehardt, political blogger
17 January:      Robin D.G. Kelley, author, Thelonious Monk
24 January:      Rich Benjamin, author, Whitopia
31 January:      Janine Jackson, FAIR
7 February:      Sut Jhally, Media Education Foundation
14 February:    Barry Lynn, author, Cornered
21 February:    John Nichols, co-author, The Life and Death of American Journalism
28 February:    Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!
7 March:           Pat Aufderheide, Center for Social Media
14 March:         Chalmers Johnson, expert of U.S. military policy
21 March          Dean Baker, author & economist
28 March:         Jaron Lanier, author, You Are Not a Gadget
4 April:             Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel Prize winning economist
11 April:          Norman Solomon and Janine Jackson
18 April:          Jeremy Scahill, winner Izzy Award
25 April:          Noam Chomsky
2 May:              Susan Douglas, author, Enlightened Sexism
9 May:              Jessica Clark & Tracy Van Slyke, authors, Beyond the Echo Chamber
16 May:            Laura Flanders, host, GritTV
23 May:            Janine Jackson, FAIR
30 May:            Bill Ayers, educator
6 June:              Alex Gibney, director, Casino Jack
13 June:            Stephen Kinzer, author, Reset
20 June:            Mark Weisbrot, screenplay writer, South of the Border
27 June:            John Nichols & Terry Gross, host, Fresh Air
4 July:               Howard Zinn (Interview conducted in 2008)
11 July:             Juliet B. Schor, author, Plenitude
18 July:             Charles P. Pierce, author, Idiot America
25 July:             Lee C. Bollinger, President, Columbia University
8 August:         John McManus, author, Detecting Bull
15 August:      Norman Solomon, journalist
22 August:      Nicholas Carr, author, The Shallows
29 August:      Dave Zirin, author, Bad Sports
5 September:    Thom Hartmann, author & radio host
12 September:  Glenn Greenwald, blogger for
19 September:  Andrew Bacevich, author, Washington Rules
26 September:  Bernie Sanders, U.S. Senator (Vermont)
3 October:        Belden Field & Carol Ammons, Independent Media Center
10 October:      Lewis Hyde, author, Common as Air
17 October:      Robert McChesney speech on journalism crisis
24 October:      John Nichols, journalist
31 October:      Juan Gonzalez, Democracy Now!
7 November:    Paul Jay, The Real News Network
14 November:  Matthew Hindman, author, The Myth of Digital Democracy
21 November:  Yochai Benkler, author, The Wealth of Networks
28 November:  John Nichols, the one and only
5 December:    Lisa Graves, Center for Media and Democracy
12 December:  Andre Schiffrin, author, Words and Money
19 December:  Chris Hedges, author, The Death of the Liberal Class
26 December:  Chalmers Johnson, encore presentation of interview
2 January:          Sundiata Cha-Jua, history professor, University of Illinois
9 January:      Wendell Potter, author, Deadly Spin


2 January:       Sundiata Cha-Jua, history professor, University of Illinois
9 January:       Wendell Potter, author, Deadly Spin
16 January:Robert Pollin, economist
23 January:Craig Aaron, Free Press
30 January:Jennifer Pozner, author, Reality Bites Back
13 February:Michael Coops, FCC Commissioner
20 February:Mary Bottari, consumer activist
27 February:Jay Pearce, WILL-AM radio & Pat Butler, Assn. of Public TV Stations
6 March:Malkia Cyril, Center for Media Justice
13 March:Juan Cole, Professor, University of Michigan
20 March:Anya Schiffrin. Editor, Bad News
27 March:Siva Vaidhyanathan, author, The Googlization of Everything
3 April:Robert Scheer, journalist
17 April:Cenk Uygur, MSNBC program host
24 April:John Nichols, author, “The S Word”
1 MayJeff Cohen, Park Center for Independent Media
8 May:David Sirota, author, Back to Our Future
15 May:Frances Fox Piven, sociologist
22 May:Dean Baker, economist
29 May:Katrina vanden Heuval, editor, The Nation
5 June:Matthew Rothschild, editor, The Progressive magazine
12 June:Ralph Nader
19 June:John Nichols, author and raconteur & Bill Moyers
3 July:Jeremy Holden, Media Matters for America
17 July:Michelle Alexander, author, The New Jim Crow
24 July:Dave Zirin, sports reporter
31 July:Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!
7 August:John Bellamy Foster, editor, Monthly Review
14 August:Jacob Hacker & Paul Pierson, authors, Winner-Take-All Politics
21 August:Eli Pariser, author, The Filter Bubble
28 August:John K. Wilson, author, The MostDangerous Man in America
4 September:Robert Reich, author, Aftershock
18 September:Salim Muwakil, journalist
25 September:Lisa Graves, Executive Director, Center for Media and Democracy
2 October:Mark Weisbrot, Center for Economic and Policy Research
9 October:Susan Saladoff, director, Hot Coffee
16 October:Greg Mitchell & Laura Flanders, journalists
23 October:John Nichols
30 October:Van Jones, the American Dream Movement
6 November:Leo Gerard, president, United Steel Workers
13 November:Glenn Greenwald, journalist,
20 November:Lawrence Lessig, author, Republic, Lost
27 November:Juan Gonzalez & Joe Torres, authors, News for All the People
4 December:Morris Berman, author, The Failure of America
18 December:Noam Chomsky


1 January:Katrina vanden Heuval. Editor, The Nation
8 January:Tom Frank, author, Pity the Billionaire
15 January:Mari Jo Buhle and Paul Buhle, editors, It Started in Wisconsin
22 January:Josh Silver, executive director, United Republic
29 January:Peter Phillips & Mickey Huff, Project Censored
5 February:Craig Aaron, executive director, Free Press
12 February:Richard Arum, author, Academically Adrift
19 February:Michael Delli Carpini & Bruce Williams, co-authors, Beyond Broadcast News
26 February:Gar Alperovitz, author, America Beyond Capitalism
4 March:Michael Hastings, author, The Operators
11 March:Susan Herman, author, Taking Liberties
18 March:Joseph Turow, author, The Daily You
25 March:Rebecca MacKinnon, author, Consent of the Networked
1 April:Dianne Ravitch, author, The Death and Life of the Great American School System
8 April:John Nichols, author, Uprising
15 April:Jennifer Siebel Newsome, director, Miss Representation
22 April:John Nichols, author, Uprising
29 April:Linda McQuaig, co-author, Billion aire’s Ba ll
6 May: Janine Jackson, FAIR
13 May: Heather Brooke, author, The Revolution Will Be Digitised
20 May: Sundiata Cha-Jua, historian
27 May: Dan Schiller, communication scholar
3 June: James Galbraith, author, Inequality and Instability
10 June: Paul Krugman, New York Times columnist
17 June: Michael Perelman, economist
24 June: John Nichols, Nation columnist
1 July: Danielle Chenowith, community media activist
8 July: Richard Maxwell, co-author, Greening the Media
15 July: Noam Chomsky
22 July: Tom Engelhardt,
29 July: Glenn Greenwald,
5 August: Dave Zirin, sportswriter
12 August: Christopher Hayes, author, The Twilight of the Elites
19 August: Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!
26 August: David Sirota, journalist,
9 September: Chris Hedges, author
16 September: Josh Silver, United Republic
23 September: Norman Solomon, author & activist
7 October: John Nichols

2000 – 2001. Monthly columnist, “Homage to Catatonia,” Silicon Alley Reporter, New York based Internet trade publication.

1995 – 1999. Host, “A Public Affair,” WORT-FM Radio, Madison, Wisconsin. Host of twice-monthly hour-long interview/discussion program concentrating on contemporary political issues.

Program Guests:


  • 30 May: John Nichols, National Political Editor, The Progressive; Assistant Editorial Page Editor, The Capital Times.
  • 20 June: Gay Seidman, UW-Madison professor, expert on globalization.
  • 11 July : Stephanie Luce, UW-Madison student activist & Paul Loeb, author of Generation at the Crossroads.
  • 1 August: Norman Solomon, media critic, newspaper columnist, and co-author of Through the Media Looking Glass.
  • 22 August: Matthew Rothschild, editor of The Progressive & Vivek Chibber, political activist and scholar.
  • 15 September: David Barsamian, independent radio producer, journalist and interviewer.
  • 3 October: Barbara Ehrenreich, columnist, author, and political activist.
  • 5 October: Joel Rogers, UW-Madison professor, founder of the New Party.
  • 10 October: Ben Bagdikian, journalist, author of The Media Monopoly.
  • 24 October: John C. Stauber and Sheldon Rampton, authors of Toxic Sludge is Good For You: Lies, Damn Lies, and the Public Relations Industry.
  • 14 November: Jim Hightower, radio talk show host, political populist.
  • 30 November: Edward Asner, actor, political activist.
  • 5 December: Adolph Reed, political scientist, columnist for The Progressive.
  • 26 December: John Nichols, National political editor, The Progressive, Assistant editorial page editor, The Capital Times.


  • 16 January: Allen Ruff, Madison activist, member of Hands Off Cuba.
  • 26 February: Norman Solomon, columnist and author & Allen Hunter, Director of UW-Madison Havens Center, coordinator for Progressive Media Project.
  • 18 March: Katha Pollitt, columnist for The Nation.
  • 8 April: Doug Henwood, editor, Left Business Observer.
  • 29 April: Sara Diamond, analyst of U.S. rightwing and fascist political movements.
  • 20 May: Linda Gordon, UW-Madison history professor, expert on welfare and women’s history.
  • 17 June: David Newby, president of Wisconsin chapter, AFL-CIO.
  • 5 August: John Nichols, editorial page writer, Capital Times newspaper.
  • 19 August: Mark Crispin Miller, Media professor and activist.
  • 16 September: Adolph Reed, political activist and journalist.
  • 7 October: John Nichols, editorial page writer, Capital Times newspaper.
  • 21 October: Joel Rogers, UW-Madison professor, founder of the New Party.
  • 4 November: Ruth Conniff, political columnist, assistant editor of The Progressive.
  • 25 November: Ed Garvey, political activist & labor lawyer.
  • 16 December: Tom Tomorrow (Dan Perkins), nationally syndicated political cartoonist.
  • 23 December: Alexander Cockburn, political columnist, The Nation magazine.
    30 December: Norman Solomon, syndicated columnist and author.


  • 13 January: Robert Parry, investigative journalist.
  • 27 January: Janine Jackson, Research Director, Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting.
  • 10 February: Michael Apple, UW-Madison professor of Education.
  • 24 February: Bill Lueders, news editor, Isthmus, author, Enemy of the State.
  • 10 March: Susan Douglas, media critic, Progressive magazine columnist.
  • 17 March: Allen Ruff, author, We Call Each Other Comrade!.
  • 14 April: Sut Jhally, advertising critic and media activist.
  • 21 April: Margo Robb, WORT-FM news director.
  • 5 May: Laura Flanders, FAIR women’s desk director and author, Real Majority, Media Minority: The Cost of Sidelining Women in Reporting.
  • 19 May: Jane Slaughter, labor journalist.
  • 2 June: John Nichols, editorial page write, Capital Times newspaper.
  • 16 June: Deidre MacFadyen, editor, In These Times & Matthew Rothschild, editor, The Progressive.
  • 23 June: Doug Henwood, editor, Left Business Observer.
  • 30 June: Adolph Reed, columnist, The Progressive.
  • 14 July: John Bellamy Foster, sociologist and environmentalist.
  • 28 July : Joel Rogers, UW-Madison professor and Chair of the New Party.
  • 11 August: Norman Solomon, co-author, Wizards of Media Oz.
  • 25 August: David Newby, president of Wisconsin chapter, AFL-CIO.
  • 8 September: Michael Schumacher, author, There But For Fortune: The Life of Phil Ochs
  • 22 September: Jeff Cohen, co-author, The Wizards of Media Oz & executive director of FAIR.
  • 13 October: David Barsamian, host and producer, Alternative Radio.
  • 20 October: Martin Lee, author, The Beast Reawakens.
  • 3 November: Tom Frank, author, The Conquest of Cool.
  • 17 November: John Stauber & Sheldon Rampton, co-authors, Mad Cow U.S.A..
  • 18 December: Doug Henwood, editor, Left Business Observer.


  • 1 January: Sam Husseini, anti-Arab discrimination activist.
  • 15 January: Edward S. Herman, economist and media critic.
  • 29 January: Mark Crispin Miller, Media professor and activist.
  • 19 February: Kim Moody, author, Workers in a Lean World.
  • 26 February: John Nichols, editorial page writer, Capital Times newspaper.
  • 26 March: Ann Simonton, director of Media Watch.
  • 7 May: David Barsamian, Producer, Alternative Radio.
  • 18 June: Jeremy Pikser, co-author, screenplay for Bulworth.
  • 2 July: David Croteau, sociologist, author of study debunking “liberal” bias of U.S. journalists.
  • 16 July: Stanley Kutler, UW-Madison history professor, expert on Nixon and Watergate.
  • 23 July: John Nichols, journalist.
  • 30 July: Vivek Chibber, Marxist scholar & political activist.
  • 27 August: Danny Schechter, TV producer, author of The More You Watch, The Less You Know.
  • 10 September: Matthew Rothschild, editor, The Progressive and John Nichols, journalist.
  • 24 September: Joel Bleifuss, editor, In These Times.
  • 8 October: Michael Albert, editor, Z Magazine.
  • 5 November: Barbara Ehrenreich, writer and political columnist.
  • 10 December: Ed Garvey, 1998 Democratic candidate for governor of Wisconsin.
  • 31 December: Joel Rogers, UW-Madison professor, founder of the New Party.


  • 11 January: John Stauber & Sheldon Rampton, co-editors, PR Watch.
  • 25 January : John Nichols, political journalist.

1979-1984. Publisher & President, The Rocket Publishing Empire, Inc.
Chief officer and founder of The Rocket, a monthly music and popular culture magazine serving the Pacific Northwest. 1984 circulation: 65,000.

  • See Geoffrey Cowley, “Rocket in orbit,” Columbia Journalism Review, November/December l983, p. 18.
  • See Jeff Stevens, “October 31, 1979: Launching The Rocket,” Seattle Star, October 31, 2012.
    See Robert W. McChesney, “The Rocket in 1981: Balancing Things Left of Center,” The Rocket, No. 195, December 7-21, 1994, pp. 12, 14.

1979-1980. Publisher & President, The Seattle Sun Publishing Company. Chief officer of weekly community newspaper, The Seattle Sun. l980 circulation: l2,000.

1979-1986. Sports Stringer, United Press International, Seattle, WA.
Assist in coverage of NFL Seattle Seahawks, University of Washington football and miscellaneous other local sports events.

1977-1979. Editor, 30 Day Notice, Seattle, WA. Co-edited and coordinated management of bi-monthly newsletter published by Seattle Tenants Union.

. Greater Seattle Circulation Coordinator, In These Times.
Organized distribution network and conducted distribution for Chicago based weekly newspaper.


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