Teaching Experience

1999-Present. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

  • Political Economy of Communication (ICR 468) (CMN 529)
  • Critical Studies in Communication Research (ICR 490) (CMN 496)
  • Communication Theory and the Internet (ICR 490)
  • Political Economy of Global Communication (ICR 490)
Lecture Courses:
  • Social Aspects of Information Systems (Comm/LIS 202) E264) (CMN 275)
  • Economic Structure of Communication (Comm 264)
  • The Big Picture: Media, Money & Power (Comm…)

1988-1998. University of Wisconsin-Madison.


  • Political Economy of Global Communication (J675) (J912)
  • Political Economy of the Mass Media (J675)
  • History of U.S. Broadcast Regulation (J675
  • Mass Communication and Society (J561)
  • Free Press Theory: Mainstream and Critical (J675)
  • Media, Inequality, and Democracy (J675)
  • Critical Theory in Mass Communication Research (J912)
  • U.S. Broadcasting History (J912)
  • International Broadcasting History (J951)
  • Critical and Cultural Studies of Mass Communication (J839)
Lecture Courses:
  • Introduction to Mass Communications (J201) Principles of Advertising (J246)
  • Mass Media and the Consumer / Advertising and Society (J446)
Skills Courses:
  • Newswriting (J203)
  • Advertising Copywriting and Layout (J450)

1985-1988. Teaching Instructor, University of Washington.

  • Advertising Copywriting and Layout; Advertising Media Planning.

1975-1977. Teaching Instructor, The Evergreen State College.

  • Principles of Economics; Introduction to Political Economy.

1983-1987. Teaching Assistant, University of Washington.

  • Communications Law; History of Communications; Mass Media and Society; Newswriting.

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