Corporate Media and the Threat to Democracy

The tremendous growth of the so-called information superhighway has opened countless new channels for media, but only a very few opportunities for control of those channels. The global media market is dominated by only a handful of major players holding more and more of the cards. Robert McChesney traces the emergence of this global media monopoly, describes what the main players are up to, and details how the Internet is being brought under their control. He discusses the dangers of this monopoly to democratic culture and reports on what people around the world are doing about it.

“In this passionate and strikingly lucid essay, Robert McChesney makes clear why all of us should be alarmed about the effects of media mergers on the future of American democracy. This is a must reading for anyone who wants to get a quick understanding of this troubling trend.”

—Susan J. Douglas, author of Growing Up Female with the Mass Media

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  • French (2000, 2004, 2013).
  • Indonesian.
  • Spanish.
  • Yugoslav.

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