It’s the Media Stupid

With forewords by Paul Wellstone, Barbara Ehrenreich, and Ralph Nader

The closer a story gets to examining corporate power the less reliable our corporate media system is as a source of information that is useful to the citizens of a democracy. And on issues like the global capitalist economy, the corporate media are doubly unreliable, because they rank as perhaps the foremost beneficiaries of Wall Street-designed trade deals like NAFTA, and of the machinations of the three multilateral agencies developed to shape the global economy to serve corporate interests: the World Bank, the IMF and the World Trade Organization (WTO). Moreover, almost all the favored mainstream sources for coverage of global economic affairs are strident advocates for a corporate-driven vision of globalization. Thus, corporate journalists-even those low enough on the pecking order to be dispatched to stand in the rain on a Washington street corner-generally will find arguments against the status quo incomprehensible.

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